Ukrainian officials say up to 9,000

Nearly every corner in Bucha is now a crime scene,’ Human Rights Watch says

A new Human Rights Watch report alleged that Russian forces committed “a litany of apparent war crimes during their occupation of Bucha.”

Human Rights Watch said its researchers went to Bucha days after Russian troops withdrew from the area and found extensive evidence of executions, other unlawful killings and torture, “all of which would constitute war crimes and potential crimes against humanity.”

“Nearly every corner in Bucha is now a crime scene, and it felt like death was everywhere,” said Richard Weir, crisis and conflict researcher at Human Rights Watch, in the report. “The evidence indicates that Russian forces occupying Bucha showed contempt and disregard for civilian life and the most fundamental principles of the laws of war.”

The Human Rights Watch report was compiled after researchers analyzed physical evidence, photographs and videos, and after they spoke with 32 Bucha residents, emergency responders, morgue workers, doctors and local officials.

— Amanda Macias