war in Ukraine

15 photos of the war in Ukraine, which flew around the world

1.Refugees from Irpen are hiding from Russian shelling under a destroyed bridge. Photo: Emilio Morenatti
2. Destroyed residential building in the town of Borodyanka, Kyiv region. Photo: Maksim Levin
3. Residents of Kharkiv spend the night in the subway during the bombing of the city
4. Explosion in a residential building in Mariupol after shelling by Russian tanks. Photo: Evgeniy Maloletka
5. A resident of Chuguyev, Kharkiv region, wounded after the bombing on the first morning of the war. Photo: Alex Lour
6. Pro-Ukrainian protest in Kherson, temporarily occupied by Russian troops.
7. A pregnant resident of Mariupol, injured in the bombing of a maternity hospital. Photo: Evgeniy Maloletka
8. Mariana Vyshegirskaya descends the stairs of the maternity hospital in Mariupol after the bombing. Photo: Evgeniy Maloletka
9. A woman near Irpen rescues dogs with disabilities. Photo: Christopher Occhicone
10. The ghost of Kiev - the legendary Ukrainian pilot-ace
11. Ukrainian servicemen say goodbye to their loved ones at the railway station in Dnipro. Photo: Dan Kitwood
12. A house on Constitution Square in the center of Kharkiv after the Russian shelling. Photo: Pavel Dorogoy
13. Marina Jacko over her 18-month-old son who died as a result of the shelling of Mariupol. Photo: Evgeniy Maloletka
14. Freedom Square in the center of Kharkiv after a cruise missile strike. Photo: Pavel Dorogoy
15. Children from the Kyiv-Lviv evacuation train say goodbye to their father at the capital's central station. Photo: Gleb Garanich
We will remind, for 22 days of war the Ukrainian army destroyed about 14 thousand occupiers. The aggressor's troops have problems with manning combat units and support units. The enemy's personnel were demoralized, which led to an increase in the number of desertions and the refusal of servicemen of the armed forces of the Russian Federation to take part in the war on the territory of Ukraine.