war in Ukraine

Before and after Photo of Russia’s war in Ukraine

Russian missile strikes have destroyed towns, villages and hamlets across Ukraine. These before and after photos show the destruction of residential areas after the Russian invasion last week.
Despite the fact that Russian troops remain at a certain distance from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine has suffered a number of fatal air strikes.
On the night before last Saturday, a Russian missile hit this high-rise.
The small town of Irpin, located just 20 km northwest of Kyiv, was on the front line last week.
Artillery and air strikes caused serious damage to the area, and the residential area shown below was almost completely destroyed.

Satellite images of the neighboring village of Rivne, north of Chernihiv, show funnels in the ground and smoke coming from burning houses after rocket fire from Russian troops.
Dominique Bailey, Mike Hills, Lucy Rogers and Zoe Bartholomew worked on the material.